Knitting Machine Repairs

Knitting Machine Repairs

We repair all types of knitting machines and have 35 years experience; Affectionately known as the "Machine Whisperer" I am a fully trained independent knitting machine engineer, trained by all the major manufacturers including Brother, Knitmaster, Passap, Pfaff, Toyota, Singer and Hague.

With a wealth of experience built up from running a family business (Page Two) for over 10 years involved in demonstrations, tuition, evening classes, residential schools and garment design. This has given me a unique insight into knitting machines and repairs.

Due to some difficulties in obtaining parts it may not be possible to complete a repair, provided parts are available in my 40 years experience I have never failed to repair a machine.

If we are unable to repair a machine for any reason there will be no charge however there will be a charge for the postage on return if applicable.

We Repair - Brother, Knitmaster, Singer, Pfaff, Passap, Hague, Toyota Knitting Machines

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